About DiVRge

How does it work?

Patrons can rent out stations by the hour and experience as many of our titles as they wish. We have games, and experiences for all ages and interests. Check out some of our titles here. We have 18 stations and a party room for group bookings, birthday parties, corporate gatherings.

What is it?

DiVRge VR is a premium virtual reality arcade stocked with the latest hardware and software and offers access to virtual reality in an accessible and social setting at an affordable price point. Our mission is to expose people to the magic that is Virtual Reality with our top of the line hardware in a clean and family-friendly environment.

Why DiVRge?

Divrge offers a large room-scale VR experience using top of the line hardware, coupled with an industry leading catalogue of VR experiences for all ages. If you’re new to VR, we have experienced guides to help you learn and discover everything VR has to offer. Our guides also organize multiplayer, and co-operative games with multiple players so you can experience the best of VR with your friends!