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When people first think of what they want to do when they try VR for the first time, you’ll typically get answers like “I want to explore the world”, “Can we shoot each other?” and probably the most often uttered phrase “Lets kill some zombies!”. If we’re also being perfectly honest, mowing down hordes of the undead with an automatic weapon is every bit as fun as it sounds. Our staff and regular customers can all agree on that.

To this end, the synonymous zombie killing title is hands down Arizona Sunshine. It has been a popular staple since day one and for good reason. When you first boot it up and get your bearings in the Arizona desert wasteland, it is a genuine post apocalyptic experience. There is a feeling of isolation within your new environment as the walking dead will not only hobble at you but also run, and yes, head shots are very much so encouraged. The co-op mode is definitely one of the highlights, as being able to team up with a friend to cull the undead population is not only oddly satisfying but also has a lot of depth. The campaign is listed as 9 hours and each level features a new mechanic to master with your survival buddy if you want to beat it. The bottom line is, you need to be picky with your shots as there are more zombies than ammunition and you have to have each other’s backs to make it!

The only thing missing from this stellar experience was a bonafide zombies horde mode akin to Call of Duty. Until now, that is! You and three other friends can now team up and go through waves and waves of walking brain eaters, all the while upgrading your weapons and unlocking new doors to progress through different levels. For everyone who has played the Zombies modes in Call of Duty, your prayers have finally been answered and you can play it at DiVRge! So, come on down and don’t forget your loyalty card, you can rack up some kills and some stamps.

  • Greg Zoub

diVRge is the GTA’s newest Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre, where VR newbies can try out what will be next biggest trend in entertainment. With hourly time slots at $29.95, it’s easy to play as many VR games as you’d like. The space can also be rented out for birthday parties, corporate events, or general get-togethers.

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  1. we went to divrge and it was amazing really amazing the games are really fun and everything worked great i would higly reccomend this place to any one who wants to have a amazing time

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