Celebrate Your Birthday at DiVRge!

Divrge is the best destination for you birthday party! Our venue boasts a total of 18 Virtual Reality station that are equipped with the latest technology that will provide you and your group to with an unparalleled experience featuring full immersion within the virtual world.

Our traditional time slots are 70 minutes, which includes 10-minute set-up plus 60 minutes of playtime per station. We offer the party room for the hour immediately following your play session for an additional charge.

Please contact us for custom pricing if you have a larger group or wish to have your event catered.

We offer a great number of diverse experiences, which range from walking the streets of Rome, to being a sculptor, to being a basketball star, to even being a true warrior on a battlefield. Most importantly however, more than half of our experiences are multiplayer, which fosters a social environment. From a light hearted dodgeball game, to saving the world from an apocalypse, your group will have to work in teams to accomplish a common goal. Our library of games/experiences offers over 30 titles, and is constantly growing.

New to VR? Not to worry, our well trained and attentive staff will ensure that you have a smooth experience.