Bridging the Age Gap in Virtual Reality

DiVRge is no stranger to having an eclectic variety of guests walk through our doors, whether it be a sports team, a charity or even a surprise party, we’ve seen it all. There was one group however that was especially interesting, soo much so that we felt we had to write about them and the experience we had helping them. It was a group of six individuals over the age of 60, who had wanted to see what the future had in store for them and the generation growing up.

While none of them had ever tried any type of virtual reality before in their lives, they assured us that they would pick it up quickly having lived through the various technological advancements over the years.  Joking about the original “brick” style cell phones all the way to the paper thin ultra books of today, they had first hand witnessed the evolution of technology. With VR being the latest innovation, they were eager to experience what this new innovation was capable of.

After going through our quick VR tutorial, this group picked up the controls faster than most people even half their age. Within the first 10 minutes they discovered a few in-game secrets that even our staff didn’t know about. Soon enough they all diverged and found their own paths, playing whatever game suited their fancy. Some went off to experience new heights in Richie’s Plank Experience, while the others went straight into competitive racing with Sprint Vector Arcade.

By the time the session was over we made a strong bond with this group, with them being the most memorable group to date. We were reassured that we might see them again in the future. We all had so much fun we couldn’t help but take a picture to capture the experience!


Devon L. Youngs

diVRge is the GTA’s newest Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre, where VR newbies can try out what will be next biggest trend in entertainment. With hourly time slots at $29.95, it’s easy to play as many VR games as you’d like. The space can also be rented out for birthday parties, corporate events, or general get-togethers.

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