Virtual Reality: A Bold New Frontier for Bridging Families

The morning dawns, you open your eyes, reorienting yourself to the start of a new day. A Saturday. The weekend. A time when families can come together without the worry of work or school getting in the way. You have one last final stretch and yawn before the day truly begins, but by the time you get downstairs, you discover that your son or daughter – or both – have already been up for a while. Unfortunately, they are already head long into one of their video games that you know nothing about. You’re not a savvy video game player, in fact you’re not a video game person at all; and there goes that hope of spending a day with your children – now consumed by another world that you don’t feel you have a place in.

Video games don’t have to be the end of the day’s hopes, nor does it need to be the dividing line between yourself and your children. Electronic play is evolving everyday, allowing people to experience all kinds of different worlds. With all those places to explore there’s also, at least one, that fits both you and your children. That place can conveniently be discovered in the next innovation of video games – the next frontier if you will – and it’s called Virtual Reality.

VR has been around for a little while, but it’s only now starting to make leaps and bounds. It can be expensive, but there are such cheaper alternatives as a VR Arcade, like DiVRge. It’s a place that has a history of connecting families together by allowing them to experience something new. It’s a world where you don’t have to know anything about video games to be good. All it takes is a little reorientation and you’re set.

You and your family jump into a game together and you see each other differently – you see your family’s different avatars – and suddenly the boundary between parent and child dissolve. Now, it’s just a group of people seeing a new world together. You can choose to team up and defend against hordes of computer enemies – fostering that close connection; or you can play against each other – building up that friendly rivalry that exists within all families. With that said if neither of those catch your attention, then you can always just explore and try out the different games.

The beauty of VR; however, comes after, because it’s after, that you and your family talk about all the things you tried, all the things you experienced, and all the virtual trials you endured. It brings people together.

There are some who enter our arcade skeptical, there are some who enter frustrated from the day, and there are some who enter unsure about what to expect. But one thing has always remained true.

Everyone leaves with a smile.

Because if you’ve just experienced a new world, with those who mean the most to you, why wouldn’t you be smiling?


  • Kevin Badali

diVRge is the GTA’s newest Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre, where VR newbies can try out what will be next biggest trend in entertainment. With hourly time slots at $29.95, it’s easy to play as many VR games as you’d like. The space can also be rented out for birthday parties, corporate events, or general get-togethers.

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