Virtual Reality Recommendation Guide for All Ages

Coming up with a way to please everyone is often quite the challenge, whether it be parents planning a party or even the weekend warriors looking for something new and exciting. We have taken the liberty of making a quick and easy guide to help everyone pick some games on their first or even fifth visit. Regardless of which visit it is to our virtual reality arcade, there are always genuine smiles and laughs had by all, even our staff!

Instead of searching for information on any of our 30+ experiences, we have crafted this handy little recommendation guide to help you choose your own adventure. Keep in mind though, this list is just the tip of the iceberg, we have a plethora of games worth checking out beyond these titles.

Ages 8-13:

Richie’s Plank Experience.

It’s every kid’s dream to fly, soaring between skyscrapers and tall buildings with a sense of wonder and excitement.

Richie’s Plank Experience allows you to stand above tall buildings and test your courage. In this adventure-simulator, children embrace the freedom to fly or fall, without needing to take a foot off the ground. It is easily the most popular game for guests in this age range, and still a funny experience for adults alike. Half of the fun from this game comes from watching others attempt or in some cases; avoid the plank.

Job Simulator.

Have a taste of the working life in Job Simulator, where a Master Robot commands you to make photocopies, fix his car, or cook him a stunning breakfast.

Job Simulator allows the player to take on various work roles, as a gourmet chef or a simple office worker. Your activities will vary but in this cartoonish simulator, all your tasks are simple but offer a number of creative opportunities to complete them. While you can strive to be the employee of the month, there is also plenty of room to do things your boss would have a heart attack if they saw you doing.

Ages 14-20:

Cowbots and Aliens.

This cartoonish Western Shooter is a duel between history’s mortal rivals: Aliens and Cowboy Robots.

Cowbots and Aliens is an approachable shooter set in the a fictional ‘Wild West.’ With a wide variety of game modes to choose from, and no shortage of players in each mode, action is nonstop and you’re only left with a pistol and whatever you can find to fend for yourself. The goal to first place is on the luck of the draw.


Competitive Dodgeball in a wide arena.

This 3v3 game lets you challenge friends and players across North America, in a variety of modes. Use your game sense to avoid oncoming fire and reposition yourself for an edge against your other team.

Ages 21 and up:

Raw Data.

The pinnacle of the Sci-Fi shooting genre.

Raw Data is an advanced wave shooter, allowing players to take on swarms of robots on your own or with a friend. Choose one of four unique Heroes, build your defenses and warp around the maps to complete your objectives.

As one of our most engaging experiences, Raw Data allows players to truly grasp the meaning of gaming in a virtual world, fully captivated by only what’s happening in front of them.

Google Earth VR.

Seeing the world truly has never been easier.

Google Earth VR allows you the freedom and mobility to explore the world on your own terms. Wonders of the world can be seen up close, or from the skies above in Google’s world simulator. View the busy streets of Barcelona, or stand right outside Sydney Opera House.

Accessible, simple, and dynamic, Google Earth VR’s intrigue captures attention of people in varying ages. If you love to explore, we cannot recommend this game enough!


See you next time at diVRge! — Jeff

diVRge is the GTA’s newest Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre, where VR newbies can try out what will be next biggest trend in entertainment. With hourly time slots at $29.95, it’s easy to play as many VR games as you’d like. The space can also be rented out for birthday parties, corporate events, or general get-togethers.

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